Valley House Flats

The Most Pet-Friendly Apartments in Brookville

Finding a pet-friendly place to live can be a challenge, often at a high cost. But at Valley House Flats, we’ve changed the game for pet owners. Our pet fees are affordable, our policies reasonable, and we offer exceptional pet benefits.

Our Pet Stations

Say goodbye to hassle! Valley House Flats provides convenient pet stations with remarkable features for our residents.

Pet Grooming

No need to leave the building for grooming services. We offer a complimentary pet grooming station to keep your furry friends looking their best.

Valley House Flats pet grooming station
Valley House Flats provides the essential equipment for your pets’ grooming needs. In addition to the washing station, this is the pet grooming station.

Pet Washing

Keeping your pet clean is a breeze with our pet washing station. Easily wash off the dirt and mud after an adventure-filled day before bringing them into your apartment.

Valley House Flats pet washing station
Say goodbye to messy cats and muddy paws. Valley House Flats also provides this pet washing station, a free amenity for our pet-loving community.


At Valley House Flats, we understand the importance of pets in our residents’ lives, and we’re committed to making their stay comfortable and enjoyable.

If you’d like to learn more about our pet-friendly accommodations and pet services, just give us a call at (765) 532-5795. Or go to our contact us page and send us your inquiry. We look forward to speaking with you.

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